WMBA 6000 The Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth Research

WMBA 6000 The Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth Research

WMBA 6000 The Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth Research




For your Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth, which is the assignment you will work on in week 6 and week 7 you should follow the same format for a Walden assignment submission using the same paper template we used earlier in the course.

There are additional resources available in the Walden Writing Center, where you also find sample papers and a template using the following path:

For this paper, you should put your Executive Summary after cover page and abstract, since you will need to submit your entire assignment in one document. For additional guidance on preparing your executive summary, please review the document How to Write an Executive Summary, which can be located by clicking on the Learning Support Docs link in the course navigation menu in the online classroom.

After your Executive Summary, you will submit Section 2 of your paper. Component 2 you can start on a new page. The last part of your paper will be Component 3, which will also start on a new page where you will address one goal that you have developed over the course. Be sure to have headings to break up each section or sub-section of your paper.

Your paper should include an abstract, which will be required for most of your graduate classes at Walden. Here is a website to help you with the requirements; see the section labeled abstracts:


Abstracts should appear on their own page, where you summarize the paper in one paragraph. Abstracts are not indented. On the following page you should include your first paragraph, which should be an introduction to what you are going to discuss in your paper and then you should lay a foundation of what the theory is before you discuss it. Meaning you should start your discussion with defining the topic and explaining the purpose of your paper. Your final paragraph will be a conclusion where you summarize your main points.

So to summarize the order of your paper: cover page, abstract, executive summary, passion and purpose story, action plan/goals, and reference page.

Guidance on Assignment Length: Your BPPG, including the Executive Summary (which should be 3–4 paragraphs in length and no more than one page single spaced), your action plan should be 4–7 pages total (2–3 pages total if single spaced).

**Refer to the Weeks 6 and 7 Individual Reflection Rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.**


Don’t forget to include abstract and references page separately


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