Vision Mission Goals & Social Change Discussion

Vision Mission Goals & Social Change Discussion

Vision Mission Goals & Social Change Discussion


I need to respond to one of my classmates discussion board answers for participation credit.

APA format

2 paragraphs

4-5 sentences

Two scholarly references

This is a nursing class so nursing knowledge is preferable however the questions and responses can be completed with general online research

I will post my classmates response once someone accepts this offer

*Below is my classmate post from yesterday.

*I need to respond to what she posted below

*The requirements are above

Walden Vision, mission, goals, social change and my professional goals.

After being a Medsurge nurse for over six years I felt the need to get into a specialty that will enable me to reach out and meet the healthcare needs of a particular population in the community. My academic and professional goal is to be an advanced mental health practicing nurse. Since I work full time, I decided to look for a university where I could advance my degree completely online.

So last year as I shopped around for colleges that offered Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program a friend of mine suggested Walden. When I read Walden’s mission, vision and goals, they resonated with what I was looking for. Walden University (2018) stated its vision and mission being to have a learning environment that provides diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change (para.3). One of my goals as an advanced nurse practitioner is to be able to work in a venerable community with little access to healthcare resources so as to have an impact. So I am hoping that Walden will provide me that opportunity to graduate with the knowledge and skills I need.

My goals and Walden MSN program outcome

Two of the college of Nursing MSN learning outcomes stood out to me as I read through all seven outcomes. The program goal is that at the end graduates Will be able to “Integratively assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate cost-effective healthcare strategies that reduce health disparities by patient/population advocacy for access to specialist nursing care. Also be able to exhibit ongoing commitment to professional development and value of nursing theories/ethical principles (altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, social justice) in accordance with ethically responsible, legally accountable, specialist nursing practice (Walden University, 2020, para. 3and 6). I hope to utilize the skills and knowledge I will acquire from Walden to provide quality care and advocate for better mental health services for my patients, and make positive change within the community

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