Strategic Alliance Foreign Fast Food Menu Items Discussion

Strategic Alliance Foreign Fast Food Menu Items Discussion

Strategic Alliance Foreign Fast Food Menu Items Discussion


Please read carefully and Respond with at least 100 words or more each to three of your colleagues’ postings by doing the followings below:

  • Suggest one or more additional approaches your colleague’s company might take to reach a global or domestic market. Strategic Alliance Foreign Fast Food Menu Items Discussion
  • Identify additional benefits of diversification strategies for companies operating in domestic vs. global markets.


  • When giving your opinion and ideas it is mandatory to support your response with ‘fact-finding’ and quote any research studies you have access to – including your text.

ALL posts require support for the views expressed by the use of citations and references. In upper level courses, students must be able to (a) display sentence, paragraph, and essay level skills; (b) use evidence to support a claim in an academic argument and give credit to a source; and (c) provide the reader with document ation of research with a reference page.

ALL claims must be supported by scholarly sources

Please keep in mind that…

  • language structure and spelling should be perfectly done (write your answers in MS Word or similar and grammar or spell check);
  • citations and references are required – for ALL posts including responses.
  • demonstration that you understand the content of the discussion topic is required.


  • Use examples from your own company or a company that you are familiar with or relate your topic back to your working environment.
  • Use your textbook to support your thinking by referencing what you have learned (citations please for both your own posting and your responses to others’ postings),
  • Conduct some research on the topic to add to your supporting citations. Make sure you bring your discussions back to the research and text.


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