Promotes Social Change Discussion Reply

Promotes Social Change Discussion Reply

Promotes Social Change Discussion Reply


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Respond to one of your colleague’s Initial Blog post with a Peer Response that will generate ideas and initiate conversation.


Here is what you wrote, I added the reference. At the end is the reply to peer post.

Throughout the history of Walden University, it has been committed to fostering and ensuring positive social change through the provision of education to a diverse community of individuals. The institution’s goal is to create awareness and educate people on the importance of positive social change. The main goal is to transform students into scholars that can effect positive social change in their communities. Walden University is made up of people from different backgrounds and communities. These individuals are impacted by the education and information necessary to promote change and development in their communities. Through this, the University creates positive social change universally rather than in the immediate community. Promotes Social Change Discussion Reply

Based on my vision for social change, I have established some vital professional goals and objectives I aim at achieving. First, I purpose at leveraging on research networks based in the University. This will help me understand the areas that need social change and implement excellent and effective programs. Secondly, I plan on networking with other individuals more learned and experienced in the social change field. This will impart to me the information and knowledge needed to sustain good social change programs. Thirdly, I plan on taking advantage of the resources provided by the University to acquire knowledge, information, practice, and experience needed to influence positive social change. Promotes Social Change Discussion Reply



Walden University. (2018). Social Change. Retrieved from

Please answer to a peer


Ka C.

  • Reflecting on Walden’s mission and vision for social change and the media, how might this inform positive social change?
  • Based on your vision for social change, what might you establish as professional goals for your future practice?

Walden has committed to being agents of social change through its students.  The University does not simply espouse principles of political correctness but truly envelop its courses with the spirit of social change so that students are motivated and prepared to carry that vision into the workforce and beyond.   Though many people see the social injustice and unrest in the media every day, a paltry few do anything to change it.  Walden backs up their words by connecting to national and global initiatives such as Global Days of Service, ongoing community partner training, delivering services to Panamanian communities, and empowering students to form their own vision of social change.  This student support has led to the formation of countless non-profit and professional community organizations.  Given the far-reaching impact of the many projects, initiatives, services, non-profits, professional organizations, etc., that the University, its students, and alumni have and are continually mobilizing, it is truly possible to see some of the subsequent changes reflected in the press one day.  Perhaps if each of us embraces this vision, we can truly see the global impact at the level of mass media.

Because I work and am training to work with a highly stigmatized population – persons in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse – I am particularly passionate about being an agent of social change.  I hope to help end the stigma associated with the disease of Substance Use Disorder by advocating for my clients as individuals and the recovering community as a whole.  I also want to learn more and hopefully do more about mandatory minimums for minor drug offenses, especially those needing treatment.  The disease of addiction should be treated as such – a disease – and I want to be a catalyst for decriminalization while increasing access to treatment.


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