Progress and Performance Management Essay

Progress and Performance Management Essay

Progress and Performance Management Essay


Part 1


Submit a 5-paragraph essay in which you analyze your own readiness in the area of personal leadership. You will use the Week 2 Assignment template provided to complete each section indicated. For each of the following sections, be sure to include specific examples, scores, or other details from one or more of the different self-assessment activities you completed this week. You should include enough details to support your analysis for each section of the essay. The section titles should be as follows: Progress and Performance Management Essay

  • Progress and Performance Management
    • , analyze how well you manage your performance on activities, including how you track progress and prioritize your time. Provide specific examples and information or scores from the self-assessment activities to support your response. (1 paragraph)
  • Cueing Strategies
    • analyze your current use of positive and negative cueing strategies in your own self-leadership. Provide specific examples to support your response, including an assessment of how effective you are in this area. (1 paragraph)
  • Goal Setting
    • analyze your current goal-setting behaviors, including how often you set goals, whether they are goals you are able to achieve, and how successful you generally feel in meeting your goals. (1 paragraph)
  • Self-Rewards and Feedback
    • analyze your use of self-rewards, self-punishment, and other feedback, including specific strategies you use to influence your own behavior. (1 paragraph)
  • Summary of Results
    • Classify your level of readiness in the area of personal leadership. As support for your classification, include your Total Score on the Self-Leadership Questionnaire, as well as any areas identified in your completion of the Self-Assessments that could provide some insight into areas you may want to continue to improve upon. (1 paragraph)

Part 2

Submit a 200- to 300-word essay in which you identify what ethics looks like in the context of your personal leadership as a Walden student. Specifically:

  • What is ethics, and why is it important for you to behave ethically?
  • How can you, as a Walden student, conduct yourself ethically and in alignment with the University’s five guiding principles of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility?
  • For each of the five guiding principles, provide at least one specific example of an action you will take. To support your proposed action examples, include at least two references to or other parts of the Student Handbook, or the other Learning Resources from this week that you feel are relevant. As a reminder, be sure to paraphrase, where possible, to demonstrate your understanding of the topic and provide the original sources of the information you reference in your essay.


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