People and Environment Essay

People and Environment Essay

People and Environment Essay


Part 2: The Authors’ Theses

In Part 2, you will begin to consider the point of view of each author and the publication of their article. This will be an important step toward Part 3, so be sure you have read all of the resources available in the Comparing Rhetoric module.


[You will want to include your two article titles and citations in Part 2 as this will be helpful to the reader (that is, your instructor).]

(1) In paragraph one, state the author’s purpose for writing this article. (Note: A writer’s purpose may be to entertain, inform, explain, persuade, or reflect, and this will determine the type of article that is written — expository writing, explanatory writing, persuasive writing, personal narrative, and so on.) Consider:

  • What does this article tell you? What does it lead you to believe about this topic?

In this paragraph you must identify and state the thesis of each author. A thesis is NOT the same as a purpose. If you do not understand what a thesis is, please see the sample paper, suggested resources, and/or contact your instructor.

(2) In your second paragraph, discuss the source of each article. Things that you may want to consider include

  • the audience (or demographic)
  • the owner of the publication
  • the author (background, affiliation, previous or current career if not a writer)

One of the most important items in Part 2, which will have a major impact on your analysis moving

forward is the identification of the author’s thesis: do not forget to identify the thesis of each author! A thesis statement is the subject of one’s writing and the idea one is proposing. In essence, the main point being asserted or put out there for consideration by the reader (see resources below). A thesis is not the same as the purpose or genre of the writing. Moreover, a thesis is not likely to be stated outright in an article written for a mass media publication.

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