IDS 404 Challenges Hollywood Faced Presentation

IDS 404 Challenges Hollywood Faced Presentation

IDS 404 Challenges Hollywood Faced Presentation


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Good Bones TV Show

Aimee Darwin

Popular Culture IDS-404-J6014

Professor Rebekah Lovejoy

July 11, 2021


Good Bones TV Show and Society


Good Bones is a home rehabilitation program show on HGTV. It involves a mother-daughter interaction where the main business is remodeling rundown homes in Indianapolis, Indiana. The TV show depicts the four lenses of general knowledge: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences. Karen Laine and her daughter Mina Starsiak stars the show by engaging in a real-life house remodeling business (HGTV, n.d.). They furnish old houses with features depicting historical aspects. In the humanity lenses, Karen and Mina use creative arts to remodel homes and satisfy the desires of the owners. Also, they use knowledge of natural and applied sciences to replace various parts in houses. The two real estate investors must consider gender desires to apply a certain interior or exterior design. Good Bones has influenced society by enhancing cultural heritage and sustainable development.

Lens Connection

Good Bones and History

Karen and Mina started a real-life business named Two Chicks and a Hammer in 2007. The business involved rehabilitating homes. In 2014, the business was filmed on HGTV, and a show called Two Chicks and a Hammer was established on the TV channel. In 2015, the show was renamed Good Bones (Purdue University, 2021). Since then, Karen and Mina have been designing and furnishing homes with traditional features. These features reveal cultural heritage and its beauty to society (HGTV, n.d.). For instance, newly modeled rooms have mid-century style chairs and low industrial glass coffee tables, while the floor of most homes is engineered with hardwood.

Good Bones and Humanities

The show utilizes creative arts to attract its fan base. Initially, the Two Chicks and a Hammer business branded itself by fulfilling clients’ aesthetics (HGTV, 2021). Karen and Mina used numerous colors in the house design to maintain their clients. In the Good Bones Show, Beth-Karen’s friend and a local artist are employed to feature living rooms with paintings (HGTV, n.d.). Beth performs painting with impressionistic styled cityscape of Indianapolis. Bright colors are used to accent the walls. In the bedrooms, Karen featured them with powder blue walls, recessed lighting, and staged with coordinating bed linens.

Good Bones and Natural and Applied Sciences

In most episodes, the show is seen to apply natural and applied sciences, especially in the designing interior and exterior of the houses. The designs in the homes can be termed as sustainable rehabilitation: local and environmentally friendly materials are used to engineer the houses (Purdue University, 2021). Hardwood floors are used in most houses, while windows have a sash design. Karen and Mina use organic elements to design living rooms. Such designs have transformed society by encouraging it to use environmentally friendly materials (HGTV, 2021). As such, society is involved in tackling global warming challenges across the globe.

Good Bones and Social Sciences

Essentially, the show demonstrates the physical beautification of homes in society. However, the rehabilitation of the homes could have a deeper meaning more than physical rehabilitation. Such a meaning could be enhancement of relations between people living in these homes. Good homes mean that families living in these homes should live in unity (Purdue University, 2021). As such, the community would be unified as families are the basic social units in society. Therefore, the Good Bones crew’s main aim is the unification of families and hence society.

In summary, Good Bones is instrumental in preserving history, developing humanities, making use of natural and applied sciences, and enhancing community integration. It has preserved history by furnishing homes with traditional features while maintaining the beauty of cultural heritage. Also, the show has made utilized arts and made use of bio gradable materials to renovate homes. The renovation of homes has led to the unification of families living in the homes. Hence community integration.



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