HUMAN MOTIVATION – Company Motivational Profile-Presentation

HUMAN MOTIVATION – Company Motivational Profile-Presentation

HUMAN MOTIVATION – Company Motivational Profile-Presentation



The company my team is covering is Disney. My part of the paper is the motivation stratagies. I have included the profile my team came up with.  I also need two Powerpoint slides as well.






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I. Introduction


1. Will go over


a. Motivation profile on the Disney company


b. The motivation strategies of the Disney company


c. Theories that are related to the Disney corporation’s unique design


d. The strengths and weaknesses of the Disney company


e. Techniques, strategies, and best practices identified to motivational theory


f. Last we will go over the conclusion and what we have learned throughout the



II. Motivation Profile on Company


A.    Details on company background


a. Started as The Disney Brothers Studio on October 16, 1923. First cartoon released in 1927. Steamboat Wille (Mickey Mouse) brought to life in 1928.


b. Beginning as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to becoming today’s largest entertainment company, Disney continues to provide quality entertainment.


B.  Motivation Strategies


1.      First strategy


a. Strategy that relates to corporation’s success

Walt Disney has multiple motivation principles:

Dream, Believe and Dare to Do.

2. Second strategy


a. Strategy that relates to corporation’s success

Disney Company’s 10 Management Principles:

1)     Make Everyone’s Dreams Come True 2)     You Better Believe It 3)     Never a Customer, Always a Guest 4)     All for One and One for All 5)     Share the Spotlight 6)     Dare to Dare 7)     Practice, Practice, Practice 8)     Make Your Elephant Fly 9)     Capture the Magic with Storyboards 10) Give Details Top Billing



III. Theories that Relate to the Corporation’s Unique Design


B.     Theories


a. Dream, create, and distribute Walt Disney’s ideas to world


b. Expand to color, full-length films, parks worldwide, and products for all ages


IV. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Corporation in Relationship to Motivation


A.    Strengths


a. Lifetime Spirit of Fred Award- based on Disney values, friendly, resourceful, enthusiastic and dependable



b. Five minute chats- helps managers and cast members connect. Makes managers more accessible.


c. WOW cards- Trifold thank you cards given to staff to thank them for their help and kindness.



B.     Weaknesses


a.Ways to increase innovation across the company



b. Employees want more feedback regarding performance and possible leadership opportunities



V. Techniques, Strategies, and Best Practices Identified to Motivational Theory


A.    Techniques


a. The system supports their values. They value their employees and do not support systems, policies, or procedures that serve as obstacles to your employees’ efforts and self-esteem.


b. Create a philosophy and start to live and apply it.



B.      Strategies


a. to Dream, to Believe


b. to Dare and to Do


C.     Best Practices


a. A single recognition program is not enough Disney as over 180. Combine informal, frequent methods of recognition, with more long term methods.


b. Great incentives with rewards. Sharing the spot light,



IV. Conclusion

Disney started as a company dedicated to providing quality family entertainment. The company focused on incorporating good values into the everyday work environment; allowing employees the opportunity to become a family. Using the five minute chats and the WOW cards helped the company to create an atmosphere conductive to functioning as a family. While Disney did have issues regarding leadership positions and integrating new motivational techniques, the basic principal of the company “To Dream” is what provided the foundation for success.

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