Holism Response Paper

Holism Response Paper

Holism Response Paper


I need a paragraph answer to the post below:

One challenge nurses face regarding alternative therapies is patient compliance to such therapies. Some people, especially in the United States, are skeptical to try alternative methods of treatments. Nurses also must overcome personal biases that they may have regarding unconventional treatment methods to offer holistic education and care to the palliative care patient. Ng and Sharma (2020) reports that up to 85% of cancer patients receiving palliative care utilize alternative approaches to treatment, but do not tell their healthcare providers such information.

L├╝ddeckens (2018) reports complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a way to provide secular, inclusive health care. Ethically, the nurse must recognize that some alternative methods of treatment are viewed differently from culture to culture. What may seem like excessive treatment to one culture, such as hot stones or prolonged fasting, may be completely acceptable to another culture. The nurse must be open to listening, researching, and understanding proposed alternative treatments that could be beneficial to the patient under palliative care. Patients have a right to be involved in developing treatment plans throughout their life, to include end of life care as well.

The main elements I would include in a teaching plan for nurse regarding the use of CAM is open-mindedness and understanding. If it works for the patient at the end of life to alleviate symptoms of pain, fear, or anxiety and does not cause harm to the consenting adult, encourage the patient to participate. Regardless of predisposed opinions that a health care provider may have, he or she ultimately needs to encourage patients to do what is best for themselves. Nurses must also be aware of the need to advocate for the patient if the family members do not agree with alternative treatment methods.

The shared role of the nurse and patient in developing care plans is open, transparent communication. The nurse should develop a rapport with the patient that encourages the patient to openly express his or her wishes and expectations during end-of-life care. The patient should feel confident that the nurse will support him or her throughout the treatment process, even if he or she should choose CAM.

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