HLTH 101 Diet Analysis

HLTH 101 Diet Analysis

HLTH 101 Diet Analysis


Any nutrition assessment involves the following steps:

1. Write down everything you consume, other than water

2. Go to cronometer.com and create a free account. Enter your foods into the Diary

3. After entering your full seven days, click on the Trends tab

4. Click on Print Report. This will print out your data for your diet analysis

The Paper

Your paper should explain your process of keeping track of your food consumption and your analysis of your diet. It should include all of the following:

I. Journaling

A. At each meal write down everything you ate in serving size measurements

B. Enter your data into the Supertracker on the web site www.choosemyplate.gov


II. Analyze Your Data

A. Print out the Food Groups & Calories Report and the Nutrients Report

B. Use these reports to analyze your diet

1. In which nutrients are you deficient?

2. What nutrients do you get too much of?

3. How will you correct these issues?

C. Be specific about which foods will correct the issues


III. Final Paper

A. The following points MUST be addressed in your paper

1. Which nutrients do I not get enough of?

2. Which nutrients do I get too much of??

3. Which specific foods will increase the nutrients that I am deficient?

4. Which specific foods will I need to cut down to decrease the nutrients I am getting too much of?

5. How will this improve my overall health and wellness?

What this paper is not:

This is not to be a list of your meals. I do not want you just writing what you ate. You need to pay attention to what your dietary needs are and what the problems are with how you are currently eating.


Paper Requirements

This paper, as are all papers for this course, is to be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point Font, one inch margins, no typos, with cover page, with cover page, APA style. If you are not familiar with this style of writing, use the CCBC Writing Lab or the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. These are great resources.

You must use at least three references other than the text book or class notes.

Do not write like you talk or text.

Proofread your papers; do not rely on spell check.

You MUST address all the above listed points in your paper. Paper must be at least five pages in length but can be longer.


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