HIT Projects and Decision Makers

HIT Projects and Decision Makers

HIT Projects and Decision Makers


A nurse leader sought to implement greater security in the children’s wing of the hospital by installing a new alarm and monitoring system. Due to budget constraints, the CNO rejected the proposal, stating that current security methods were sufficient. Shortly after this failed proposal, an individual did in fact breach the children’s wing security and abducted a young child. Thankfully, the child was found and returned to her parents; and the CNO quickly found the money to install the new security system. HIT Projects and Decision Makers

Not all HIT projects have such high-profile stakes. The main takeaway from this example is the importance of getting key stakeholders and decision makers on board when planning a new HIT project.

To prepare:

  • Bring to mind a HIT project implemented in your organization. Which leaders identified the project? Which stakeholders and decision makers helped moved the project forward? HIT Projects and Decision Makers
  • Consider methods that were used to garner the support of stakeholders and decision makers to move the project forward.

By Day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

  • Describe an example of a HIT project implemented at your organization and analyze how that project was identified and moved forward.
  • Evaluate the impact of key decision makers on moving the HIT project forward


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