Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas Resume Cover Letter

Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas Resume Cover Letter

Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas Resume Cover Letter


Fictitious Job as this is for a class assignment.

Cover Letter Outline (Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas). Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas Resume Cover Letter

Paragraph 1 – Purpose

Begin with why you are writing and what position you are applying for. Indicate how you heard about the position and briefly demonstrate your knowledge of the organization. NURS6247 Family Nurse Practitioner in Texas Resume Cover Letter

Paragraph 2 – Background and Qualifications

Make note of your enclosed or attached resume/application form. Illustrate related experiences and training that is relevant to the position and of interest to the employer. Be specific and match
your skills with the employer’s needs. Stress accomplishments and achievements and how you are a good match for the organization. Don’t reiterate your entire resume – keep it brief and focus on relevant highlights and their applicability to what the employer seeks to move their organization forward, or achieve their objectives.

Paragraph 3 – Request for Action

Close by restating how you are qualified. Express an interest to discuss the position with the employer and indicate when you will follow-up by phone to check the status of your candidacy. End by showing your appreciation for their time and consideration in reviewing your materials.



Functional resume.







To be a family nurse practitioner that can be a problem solver, utilizing acquired skills such as patient evaluation, treatment and diagnosis and therapeutic intervention among others in contributing to enhancing quality patient care.

Goal: provide the best services in healthcare and change lives of many people in the society.


Summary of Qualifications/ Selected Accomplishments

Very proficient in developing treatment plans for chronic diseases in the family care.

Time conscious, highly adaptive to any environment and can use evidence-based data to help guide all diagnosis and treatment plans.

Highly proficient in providing patient care, prioritizing relevant information and organize tasks based on priority.

Educated and familiar with guiding patients to prevent diseases and promote healthier lifestyles.

Skills and Special Abilities

I always love being with people. My passion for human beings has therefore led to my development of compassion and caring skills. I therefore value the sick and their relatives.

At the family unit, I worked with my colleagues by offering therapeutic conversations to families. In the process, I was offered a supervisory role to manage the teams as a leader. It was herein that I mastered the skill of excellent interpersonal and organizational skill. I managed to organize my colleagues well and managed to make the process flow easily.

Solid ethics that guide personal and professional conduct. My sense of professionalism and ethical consideration have made me employ work ethics like patient-nurse confidentiality.

Critical thinking skills that can help in decision-making.

Since time immemorial, I have always managed to pay attention to all details. This ability has helped me avoid mistakes in line of duty.

Handling family nurse practice requires stamina. My ability to keep calm and control emotions therefore are a plus.


MSN FNP Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA,                                             2017-2019

BSN Brookline College, Phoenix AZ                                                                    2013- 2015


Relevant Clinical Experience

Primary care at Sutter Medical Foundation, Antioch CA

Palliative care at San Joaquin General Hospital Stockton, CA

Specialty Rotation in Dermatology at Balfour Dermatology, Brentwood CA

Family Medicine Rotation at Sutter Health Medical Foundation, Antioch CA

Work Experience

Worked as a Registered Nurse at Sutter Delta Medical Foundation, Antioch CA -My role in this institute was to monitor patients and educate family members who came seeking services. I also performed patient follow up and rehabilitation.

A staff nurse at San Joaquin General Hospital, Stockton CA-My role was to give palliative care to patients with serious health conditions.

A nurse at Balfour Dermatology-Here, I played a big role in skin assessment and recording patient details.

I also practiced as a family nurse at Sutter health medical foundation where I underwent my family medicine rotation. In this hospital, I gained experience in childcare, prenatal care and offered family planning services.


FNP Furnishing License

Registered Nurse                                                                                                 Expires 2019

Basic Life Support                                                                                                Expires 2019

Advanced Cardiac License                                                                                  Expires 2020



English, French German.

Community service

Free blood screening

Nutritional teaching to members of the community every Sunday

Participate in community cancer awareness

Volunteer as a community nurse on free time.

Professional Affiliations

Member of American Association of Nurse practitioners.

American nurses association.

National academy of dermatology nurse practitioner.

American Academy of nursing.

American society for pain management nursing


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