Evaluating Performance Management Systems Discussion

Evaluating Performance Management Systems Discussion

Evaluating Performance Management Systems Discussion



Part 1: Interview Matrix Summary

Complete the Performance Management System Interview Matrix Summary, provided with the Assessment materials, to create a visual summary of the information gathered through your interview with the nurse executive.

Part 2: Interview Reflection

In a separate Word document, write 2–3 pages that reflect on the interview and your overall impressions. Include the following points in your reflection:

  • Briefly describe the professional you interviewed, including title, years of experience, and his/her healthcare organization (e.g., size, location, special services). Note: Be mindful of your interviewee’s privacy in the details you provide.
  • Explain the concept of “performance management” that guided your interview and the interviewee’s responses.
  • Evaluate the healthcare organization’s performance management system for effectiveness, drawing on the interviewee’s assessment and your own observations and conclusions.
  • Describe characteristics and/or factors that stand out to you as contributing to the system’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Describe actions, strategies, or approaches that you would recommend to address weaknesses in the system.



Performance Management Interview Matrix Summary


Module 3 Assignment


Performance Management System Interview Matrix Summary


Complete this matrix to summarize information from your interview with a nurse executive on the performance management system for the individual’s healthcare organization. Identify the nurse executive’s unit/department that is the specific focus of your evaluation.




Performance Management System for [specify nursing unit]
System Features
Employee Evaluation
Evaluation Criteria


How Criteria
Communicated to
How Components of

Performance Management

Are Interconnected in the


How Information Collected,
Maintained, Consolidated,
and Summarized on
Employee Performance
and Retention
Technology Integration
inthe System
Privacy Protections


System Analysis
How System Supports

Employee Development






How System Supports

Employee Retention


Use of Peer Reviews/

Multisource (360 degree)

Feedback and



How TrainingUsed to

Enhance Employee

and Retention


How TrainingUsed to

Support Managers That


Mechanisms for Employee

Input on the System


System Evaluation
How Well System
Supports Employee
Performance Growth and


How Well System
Supports Employee
Performance Management

System Strengths


Performance Management

System Weaknesses


Overall Conclusions



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