Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses

Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses

Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses


Respond to both postings in one of the following ways:

  • Address the content of the posts analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of the relevant resources.
  • Address a question posed by the post for further Discussion

Post #1

The study performed by Cepec and Grajzl (2021) cast new light on the ongoing scholarly debate on whether the firm’s incumbent management should be dismissed or left in control upon bankruptcy. The study concluded that boosting an organization’s adaptive ability is critical when undergoing bankruptcy because a change in ownership or management can improve the firm’s operations as the new employees bring new and promising ideas and productive practices. According to Dixon (2019), proper alignment in research is paramount because it helps to improve the transparency. By properly aligning the elements of research, the process becomes more clear and narrowly focused. Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses

The article by Cepec and Grajzl (2021) had good alignment. The problem statement had a great hook and identified the importance and necessity of the study right away. This study was being conducted because little was known about the determinants of small business failure after they attempted bankruptcy. The purpose statement was well written and hit all the pertinent elements. The methodology was clear being a quantitative study. The target population and geographical location were bankruptcy reorganizations maintained by the Agency of Republic of Slovenia between the years of 2013 and 2018. The final sample consisted of 320 businesses and their reorganization plans. All these elements aligned with the research question revolving around establishing predictors of small business failure after attempted bankruptcy reorganization. The hypothesis was that management turnover and ownership change were critical variables in determining the success. Data was examined using survival analysis techniques that permitted the full exploitation of the fine-grained nature of data. Throughout the primary elements of the study, there seemed to be no lack of alignment. Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses

A strength of the article was that it went into detail about what it contributes to and bridges, such as empirical literature on the fate of financially distressed small businesses. However, one thing that it was lacking was the contribution to social change. If I were to change/add something, it would be information about how the study can contribute to society and benefit the greater good. The article didn’t specify who could benefit from the information and seemingly assumed that the audience knew whom that was. When a study expresses who can directly benefit from the findings, it helps to draw an appropriate audience. A limitation of this is that it only focused on the market in Slovenia.

Post 2

Spetz et al. (2015) conducted various public reports raising worries about the capacity of the drawn-out care labor force to stay up with the development in the quantity of more established grown-ups who will require long-term care administrations in coming years. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) projected that the United States will need an extra 3.5 million long-term care medical services laborers by 2030 to keep up with the current proportion of laborers per more established US occupant (Leineweber et al., 2016). The Bureau of Labor Statistics extended that general work in the nursing and private consideration industry will increase 23.8 percent somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2022, while employment in the home health care industry will rise 59.7 percent.

The article Spetz et al. (2015) aligns with my problem statement regarding registered nurse (RN) turnover. Inside institutional settings, nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and registered nurses (RNs) give a considerable portion of the consideration (Galletta et al., (2016). In-home and local area-based administrations, most unlicensed direct care workers, including home health nurses and individual personal care attendants.

Spetz et al. (2016) utilize a quantitative method as evidenced by its usage of a consistent variable, such as the elderly as a target population. The article defines the objective or intent outlined where the research takes place.

The theoretical framework aligns with my DBA project as it relates to decreasing the instance of RN turnover. Key components of the problem statement, purpose statement, theoretical framework, research question, and hypotheses align with the Walden prospectus guide. Discussion: The Rise of Adverse Childhood Experiences Responses

One change that could improve the alignment within the quantitative study includes incorporating the theoretical framework, transformational leadership. Changing administration utilized the two chiefs’ and adherents shared ethical quality, inspiration, and desires to achieve objectives, exhibiting a more significant impact on supporters by raising their degrees of cognizance to rise above personal circumstances. Consumes also thought changing authority created a relationship of common incitement and height that believers’ supporters become pioneers and may transform over pioneers into moral specialists (Dugan, 2017).

*each response to post much include at least two citations

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