Civil Disobedience and Other Writings Paper

Civil Disobedience and Other Writings Paper

Civil Disobedience and Other Writings Paper


Try to not use complicate words or sentences. Because my writing is not good and I don’t want teacher see the differences.

For this first critical reading exercise, the main goals are to define two key terms, “nature” and “pastoral,” and to begin practicing close reading and rhetorical analysis.

First, read the excerpts from Thoreau’s Walden and Greg Garrard’s introduction to the pastoral.

Then, choose a paragraph from Thoreau and make an arguable claim about how you think Thoreau creates a pastoral view of his life at Walden Pond. To support your claim, analyze how Thoreau’s word choice, sentence structure, tone, imagery, and/or figurative language, in this one paragraph, fits into the discussion of pastoral conventions that Garrard discusses in his chapter.

*Note: you don’t have to quote or refer to Garrard in your response. Keep your attention on Thoreau.

Before you start writing, please complete the Close Reading Practice activity on Thoreau in Connect, which is intended to help you identify evidence and generate a claim.

Your response should be at least 500 words total (two double-spaced pages) long. Make sure to discuss specific examples. Upload everything here in a Word document.


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ECOCRITICISM 3 PASTORAL Since the Romantic’s movement poetic responses to the Industrial Revolution, pastoral has decisively shaped our constructions of nature


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