Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion

Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion

Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion


Read and respond to two or more of your colleagues’ postings by sharing how you would change what you wrote based upon what you read in other posts. Also consider providing a supporting statement about each colleague’s vision for his/her personal nursing legacy based on at least one of this week’s Learning Resources. Ask a clarifying question about each colleague’s vision for his/her personal nursing legacy

colleagues’s response: Nursing in itself faces numerous challenges. Challenges such as keeping up to date with evidence based practices, and of course nursing shortage. Currently we are all facing the challenge of being in a global pandemic. During this pandemic as health care workers we are currently facing the challenge of the unknown. As each day passes and as we continue to do research we are faced with the challenge of keeping up to date with truthful facts. These are hard times to not only healthcare workers across the global but also to everyone around us. We’ve seen an increased need for nurses across the global due to this pandemic. Some solutions that are being put into place to overcome these challenges are not limited to but include, censoring false data roaming through the internet, especially through social media. Any post about SARS-CoV-2 is immediately tagged to the Centers of Disease control and prevention (ONC & HHS 2020). By doing so, it allows those who are posting about a serious matter to be linked to where they can receive real time, up to date facts. This allows misinformation to be blocked/censored to the public. Certain schools/companies have accelerated nursing programs to allow more aspiring nurses to the field. Travel agencies have helped tremendously with providing nurses across, not only the united states but to foreign countries as well. Although we have these solutions set in place we still face misinformation leaking out and being short staff at certain hospitals/nursing facilities.I’m a firm believer of enchaining your knowledge especially when it comes to nursing. I did have to delay starting school due to becoming the only income for my family from this pandemic, however I knew it was not going to hinder my education. Furthering my education in Nursing will not only improve my work life, but most importantly will aid in improving the care I give for my patients. Among the several quotes from the article “The Empty Carriage: Lessons in Leadership from Florence Nightingale” by Marge Hegge, RN; One quote stood out to me and that is, “Every nurse must grow, no nurse can stand still, she must go forward or she will go backward every year” (Dossey 2015, p274). As a nurse facing challenges every day, this quote stood out to me as a reminder to keep pursuing my goal. The goal to provide the most excellent care to my patients, by enhancing my knowledge in my nursing profession. Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion

my response: Nurses play a significant role in healthcare settings. Their responsibilities range from caring for the patients to assisting doctors in performing various medical procedures and updating patient data. They take pride in the services they provide daily within a healthcare facility. However, nurses face a significant number of challenges in the current complex healthcare setting. These challenges considerably reduce the efficacy of the nurses and threaten the well-being of the patients. Some of the challenges include a shortage of nurses and workplace exposure.

Inadequate staffing in healthcare environments is a major global concern. Nurse shortage is, therefore, a current issue in most healthcare settings that require to be addressed. Recruitment and retention of nurses over the years has not met the ever-growing demand for nurses (Paton, 2020). This can be attributed to the changing demographic of the population and economic issues in the healthcare industry. The increasing aging population has led to many patients with chronic illnesses that require specialized care (Paton, 2020). This has put more pressure on the already stressed nursing taskforce. Therefore, the nurses are required to work long hours, and the fatigue may reduce the nurses’ productivity and increase medical errors. Introducing hospital training schools for nurses in various healthcare facilities can help curb the issue of inadequate staffing (Paton, 2020). The nursing students can fill the staffing gaps, thus reduce the shortage of nurses. Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion

Safety at the workplace is another challenge that nurses face in the current healthcare environment. The nurses use sharp tools that expose them to injuries and bloodborne pathogens, and other forms of disease-causing microorganisms (Gooch, 2018). Back injuries are other risks that nurses face during patient handling. However, workplace hazards can be minimized with adequate training of the nurses. The staff should be properly trained on the safety measures that should be practiced within the health facility to ensure their safety (Walden University, 2019). For instance, floors should be kept dry as wet floors may cause severe accidents in the hospital. Patient safety should also be enhanced. Challenges in Nursing Response Discussion

Advanced training in nursing is essential to help nurses deal with the emerging challenges in the current healthcare setting. By furthering my education, I will gain the vital skills required to handle the healthcare challenges that emerge. For instance, I will efficiently use new technology in the healthcare industry to increase efficiency in performing my duties. This way, I will be able to build a nursing legacy as a competent nurse.

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