Assignment: Position Paper

Assignment: Position Paper

Assignment: Position Paper


Dear students,

For Week 9, you will be submitting a paper discussing a specific policy (i.e. state or federal level Law or Act) from the perspective of a population. Think of this assignment as a Testimonial where you, as the macro social worker is trying to persuade the audience on behalf of members identified from a specific population (i.e. pros and cons of the policy, recommendations, etc). This paper is essentially a written version of a speech, so you can use first person and case scenarios/anecdotes in order to persuade the reader. Even though the objective is persuasion, academic writing is still required. As such, provide in-text citations and a Reference page following APA 6th edition formatting. Be sure to review the course themes document posted in Doc Sharing to assist you in formulating this paper: identify the social problem; identify the population(s) affected; identify a specific policy (i.e. act or law) that exists in an effort to address the social problem; reflect on the social work values present. RE: SOCW6351: Assignment: Position Paper

In an effort to assist you in this task, attached is a document with three brief writing samples. Please refer to these items for learning purposes only, do not duplicate or distribute: 6351_Week9Samples.pdf

Sometimes, during heated discussions and debates about social policy, the underlying reasons for the policy go unnoticed. Advocates and policymakers may become so committed to their perspectives and to winning the debates that they lose focus on the larger context surrounding an issue. The purpose of policy is to improve the lives and well-being of individuals and groups in our society. As you assume the role of a social work policymaker, consider the importance of keeping the needs and experiences of vulnerable populations at the forefront of your mind in your advocacy efforts. This can help to assure effective policy practice.

For this Assignment, you will analyze a state, federal, or global social welfare policy that affects an at-risk, marginalized, oppressed, underrepresented, or over looked group population. Finally, consider the impact of social policy from the perspective of the group you selected.

Assignment (5-7 double-spaced pages, APA format four peer reviewed references and use reference included as one of references). In addition to a minimum of eight scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include:

  • A description of the current policy approach for addressing the social issue you selected
  • A description of the current policy goals for addressing the social issue you selected
  • A description of the population the current policy approach covers
  • An explanation of the funding levels for the current policy approach and whether they are sufficient to address the issue
  • An explanation of how this policy may affect at-risk, marginalized, underrepresented, overlooked, or oppressed populations. Identify a specific at-risk population.
  • An analysis of whether or not the policy meets the needs of the population groups most affected by the policy.
  • Recommendations for alternative policies that would address the gaps identified in the policy. Please be specific in recommendations.


Acker, Gila M. (2010). How social workers cope with managed care. Administration in Social Work, 34(5), 405–422.

Retrieved from Walden Library databases.


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