Assignment: Advocating Policy Letter

Assignment: Advocating Policy Letter

Assignment: Advocating Policy Letter


select a policy that relates to your personal practice(I work in CCU) and draft a letter to a state or federal legislator explaining your stance and offering recommendations on how best to improve the policy.

InstructionsTo complete this Assessment, do the following:


All submissions must follow the conventions of scholarly writing. Properly formatted APA citations and references must be provided where appropriate. Submissions that do not meet these expectations will be returned without scoring.

Letter to a Legislator (1- 2-pages)As one of more than 3.6 million nurses in the United States, you are in the unique position to share your professional insights to influence policy at all levels of government. Aiding important initiatives to gain state and national attention is an important part of professional nursing advocacy. After all, as the number one most trusted profession in the country (Norman, J., 2016), nurses can really make a difference in the policy arena to effectively advocate for patients.

One way to ensure effective advocacy is to contact and enlist the support of those in positions of power. In this Assessment, you will compose a 1- to 2-page letter to a legislator concerning a local, state, or national policy and that is similar to those that come across the desks of legislators every day. (Note: You must select a different policy than one you chose for previous Competencies in this Area of Expertise).

This activity allows you to share your nursing expertise with a legislator and to inform that legislator of current research that supports a policy position.

  • Step 1: Choose a local, state, or national policy issue that is of concern to you. Go to the American Nurses Association (ANA) web page—Advocacy at
    to read about current nursing policy issues in the United States.
  • Step 2: Locate legislators or policymakers in your city, state, or country who you will contact regarding your selected policy. You can find a list of local legislators in the United States at:
  • Step 3: Draft a letter suggesting a policy change.
    • Read pg. 22—23 of the AACN’s “From Patient Advocacy to Political Action: AACN’s Guide to Understanding Healthcare Policy and Politics” at to view a sample letter.
    • Using the AACN sample letter as a guide, format your letter as follows:
      • Describe your education and career experiences;
      • Describe your qualifications and expertise in a policy area using at least two examples;
      • Analyze the critical role nurses play in improving care, as they are at the point of care;
      • Summarize the key points of your chosen policy;
      • Defend your stance on the policy using at least two current, scholarly resources in support of your position; and
      • Recommend at least two actions for change with regards to the selected policy.

Note: Be respectful, professional, and direct with your written request. Avoid using arguments of emotion and focus only on those arguments based in fact.


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