​Part 2 Annotated Bibliography

​Part 2 Annotated Bibliography

​Part 2 Annotated Bibliography


Part 2 Annotated Bibliography

In this Assignment, you will be sourcing and analyzing more resources from the Walden library as you continue to develop your annotated bibliography. This is Part 2 of a three-part annotated bibliography. You will cover Part 3 in Week 8. As you work on this Assignment, consider the feedback offered by your colleagues and Instructor from the Week 6 Discussion; also, consider how you can apply their suggestions from this week’s Discussion. As you find and evaluate more resources, consider also: are you able to see an emerging storyline? Do you notice any shared themes? Are you better able to transition from literature review to possible research problems? ​Part 2 Annotated Bibliography

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Return to the Walden library and find five additional articles that could be used in a literature review on your topic of Learning in Adults in your program of study.
  • Analyze two of these articles using the guidelines provided in Chapter 9, “Dissertation Chapter 2: Literature Review” (pp. 89–91), in the Stadtlander text.
  • You will use this analysis to complete this week’s Assignment. (Note: You will analyze the other three articles next week.)

The Assignment:

Based on your analysis of the two selected articles using the Stadtlander text, develop and submit an annotated bibliography using these two articles.


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